Advocate K Samie


environmental due diligence
Advocate Kuben Samie has a unique understanding of ENVIRONMENTAL LAW and together with his more than 20 years practical experience in the field, he is able to assist businesses ensure regulatory compliance by providing quality specialist advice.
He is more than competent in assisting his clients in conducting ENVIRONMENTAL DUE DILIGENCE assessments of property or existing business operations prior to acquisition, so that they are well informed of the legal and environmental consequences of the acquisition.


As an ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST himself, Advocate Samie is equally able to advise and assist communities, non-governmental organisations and other non-profit entities to defend their environmental rights and fight for ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE.
With his INTIMATE AND EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE at local, provincial and national government, Advocate Samie is able to assist both BUSINESS AND NON-PROFIT clients in administrative appeals as well as review applications, relating to environmental authorisations, directives and compliance notices.


Advocate Samie is available to advise on ALL ASPECTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW and is able to assist in resolving any particular environmental or environmental-related issue.


Advocate Samie prides himself in providing QUALITY AND ETHICAL LEGAL SERVICES WITH INTEGRITY, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that both his client and the environment benefits from his legal services and that environmental justice is upheld.

environmental compliance